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Do you want to create more living space and enjoy the outdoors all year round? Then a porch from Valk Veranda is the ideal solution. You can have your porch completely custom-made to fit your garden and home. Do you prefer a freestanding porch or at home? No problem, we are happy to help. So don’t wait any longer and take a look at our website or visit our showroom in Eindhoven. Here we will gladly help you choose the best veranda for you!

Advantages of a veranda in your garden

A veranda is a real addition to your house and garden! It gives you more living space and you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. You can extend the living space of the house in an easy way by having a porch installed at home. A modern and luxurious veranda from Valk Veranda increases the value of your home. Another advantage here is that you can enjoy sitting under the veranda roof even in the winter months despite the cold, rain and wind. A porch also provides your home with extra insulation. In short, there are plenty of reasons why a porch is an excellent choice!

Types of veranda roofs

At Valk Veranda, you can choose from two types of porches. Namely a porch with a polycarbonate roof or a veranda with a glass roof. Each has its own advantages;



Polycarbonate is a very good high-quality product. It is about the same thickness as glass, but much stronger. This also makes the product durable. If you choose a porch made of polycarbonate, or aluminium, you have a choice of three different colours; anthracite, black and cream. There are also three more shades to choose from, namely; a clear roof, an opal roof or an opal heat-resistant roof. This way, you can put together the perfect porch yourself.



We also offer a garden veranda with a glass roof. If you want to enjoy the perfect incidence of light, a glass roof is the best choice for you. It also gives your veranda an open look and allows you to enjoy the beautiful starry night sky. Unlike a polycarbonate roof, a glass roof is slightly more expensive. With a glass roof, too, you can choose from the three different colours anthracite, black and cream.

Would you like to know what would fit best in your garden or how it will look? Then stop by our showroom. Our showroom offers inspiration and examples. Moreover, our employees can easily help and advise you personally in the showroom. This way, you are assured of the best veranda for your garden!


Polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate porches are a very good product for creating a high-quality roof finish for your porch. It is also possible to make a skewer or a side wall to your porch from these polycarbonate sheets.

Available in 3 colours (Anthracite, Cream and black)

Roof covering polycarbonate clear, opal or opal heat world

Uprights in semi-circular or square

Lighting LED spotlight set (non-)dimmable

Thick laminated safety glass

10-year warranty on profile and color fastness

Starting from €1105,-

glazen carport

Glass roof

Do you always want perfect light in your porch? And in addition be able to enjoy the starry sky and clouds drifting by? Then a glass porch is the best choice for you.

Available in 3 colours (Anthracite, Cream and Black)

Roofing 44.2 laminated glass

Uprights in semi-circular or square

Lighting LED spotlight set (non-)dimmable

Standard a round or classic decorative gutter

Lengths possible up to 400cm

U-profiles, fitted with weather strips

Starting from €1547,-

Make your porch complete

If you choose a porch covering from Valk veranda, you can also choose glass sliding walls, side walls, awnings and sliding doors & frames in addition to the veranda. This way, you get the most out of your porch in the garden. We advise you to look at sliding glass walls. With sliding glass walls, you can sit dry and warm in your veranda, even in the winter months. You can easily close your veranda, but you still retain the open feeling and light from outside. At Valk Veranda, we also offer extra side walls. With side walls, you can close off your veranda completely. These side walls ensure that the space is closed off and that you can enjoy it all year round. Are you looking for veranda roof awnings? Then we can also help you. With an awning, you create shade under your porch. This keeps it a lot cooler and more pleasant during the summer months.

Buying a porch at Valk Veranda

We believe that you should be able to enjoy your garden for longer. That is why we offer products that make this possible. With Valk Veranda’s product range, you can enjoy your garden and outdoor life all year round. We supply garden-related products directly from our supplier. As a result, they are not only cheaper, but we can also deliver quickly. Thanks to our years of experience, we can help you put together, deliver and assemble the perfect cheapest veranda for your garden without any problems. We guarantee our customers the best quality and you will receive a ten-year warranty. This ensures a long life and the best quality for your porch.

For more information or questions, you can always contact us. Who knows, maybe you will soon be able to enjoy a Valk veranda covering in your garden!

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