(Aluminum) sidewalls

Bring the outdoors in

Why (Aluminum) sidewalls?

You can completely close your porch with (Aluminum) sidewalls. This way, you provide extra living space and you can enjoy your extra space all year round. In the winter you sit nice and warm and in the summer you can find cooling.
zijwand polycarbonaat

Side wall completely polycarbonate

Do you always want perfect light in your veranda? With the polycarbonate side walls you are protected without losing daylight.

16mm polycarbonate

Choice of opal and clear

Available in different sizes

From €400,-

aluminium zijwanden

Side wall aluminum

You can choose to close the side walls of your veranda. View the many possibilities with us. The aluminum walls are maintenance-free and available in various colors.

Durable and maintenance-friendly side walls for your veranda

Powder coated aluminum in 2 standard colors

Can be combined with wedge frame for more light

Panel height 160 MM & Panel thickness 16 MM

Close a canopy to a height of 190cm

From €452,-

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