Sliding doors & window frames

Creëer luxe in uw huis en tuin!

Our range of sliding doors & frames

Valk Veranda has five different types of sliding doors and frames. Below you will find information about the different types, but you can also easily make an appointment with us for more information. Sliding doors and frames have various advantages.


Valk Veranda has two types of frames, a fixed frame or a tilt and turn frame. We use laminated glass in all our frames. This prevents the window from falling apart in the event of a break. It is also a wise choice against burglary and also provides insulation.

Available in 2 colors (Anthracite and Cream)

Fixed frame

Turn tilt

Aluminum sliding doors

Provide lots of light and space in your home by using an aluminum sliding door. This creates a lot of space and light in your home. It is also very pleasant to open the sliding doors in the summer. Visit our showroom for examples.

Available in 2 colors (Anthracite and Cream)

Aluminum sliding doors

Aluminum side wall