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Our range of sliding doors & frames

Valk Veranda has five different types of sliding doors and frames. Below you will find information about the different types, but you can also easily make an appointment with us for more information. Having a sliding door in the Netherlands is an absolute must, it creates so much more space in your conservatory in the summer that it is like your yard and house became one. In the winter on the other hand your glass sliding door makes it so you can still enjoy a beautiful view of the outside without the downside of getting wet. In the winter, autumn and spring glass doors are necessary in the Netherlands, due to the fact that this country has quite a bit of rain.
glass sliding doors


Valk Veranda has two types of frames, a fixed frame or a tilt and turn frame. We use laminated glass in all our frames. This prevents the window from falling apart in the event of a break. It is also a wise choice against burglary and also provides insulation.

Available in 2 colors (Anthracite and Cream)

Fixed frame

Turn tilt

schuifpuien & kozijnen

Aluminum sliding doors

Provide lots of light and space in your home by using an aluminum sliding door. This creates a lot of space and light in your home. It is also very pleasant to open the sliding doors in the summer. Visit our showroom for examples.

Available in 2 colors (Anthracite and Cream)

Aluminum sliding doors

Aluminum side wall

Why get a sliding door?

A sliding door adds movability, style and extra room to your room of choice. A lot of apartments and houses in the Netherlands are quite narrow. You can see a sliding door in the Netherlands as a multiplying factor. This is meant in the sense of how narrower a home or room is, the more value it adds. Next to that we also, as expected, sell frames. You will have the option between a tilt and turn frame or a fixed frame.

To ensure the maximum level of safety we can provide, we use certified safety glass called laminated glass. Essentially this is a double layer of glass to make it so that intruders have a harder time of breaking and entering through your glass sliding door. Do you want to spend more time in your garden during the winter? With a porch with sliding doors, that’s possible. Watch the snow fall while staying warm and drinking a cup of tea or enjoying a beer.

Do you want to know more about or glass sliding doors?

Valk Veranda has years of experience in supplying and installing verandas, carports and more. Quality and a quick and decent services are our top priorities. Before we start constructing your porch, we will make an appointment to discuss your wishes and needs. After that, we also want to make some measurements so your sliding doors Netherlands will fit perfectly. Pay a visit to our showroom to see all possibilities. Our glass sliding doors for your veranda are the perfect solution for your garden. All with a 10-year guarantee! Want to know more about our glass sliding doors veranda? Get in touch and you may soon be the happy owner of a Valk Veranda!
Sliding doors

Buy sliding doors

Of course, you cannot place glass doors in the Netherlands without having a place to put them on. Luckily, we offer a full package service, for example in our porches. Are you looking for not only a beautiful, but also conservatory to place your brand-new sliding door on? Take a peek at our beautiful porches and see if one resonated with your personal style! If you are in doubt or are not sure if we can alter a porch or sliding door to your wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help give a service that is tailored to your personal needs!

Complete your veranda

So, do you want value for money? Then a sliding glass door is the best addition to your veranda. Enjoying the sun and greenery in your garden all year round, who wouldn’t want that. Besides sliding glass doors, however, we have other components that add value to your veranda. For example, you will also find the finest sunshades that we can mount on your porch. This way, you determine the atmosphere in your veranda.

Do you want to fully enjoy outdoor life? Then fully open the sliding doors and leave your awnings up. Had enough of the sun? Then lower the blinds. Instead of a veranda, you can also opt for a carport. This can come in handy if you want to park your car in a covered area. Are you interested in one of our awnings? Here you can find more information.

Buy your conservatory with sliding walls now

If you want to be assured of years of veranda enjoyment, Valk Veranda is the place to be. Visit our showroom in Eindhoven and find exactly the veranda and sliding glass walls that suit your home. Once you have made your choice, you can choose to install your veranda yourself. In that case, we make a ready-made package for you that you can pick up in our shop. However, you can also choose to have us install it for you. We will gladly help you!