Sliding glass walls

Bring the outdoors in

Why glass walls?

With a sliding glass wall, you retain a lot of light. This is very advantageous, especially during the winter months. Furthermore, you continue to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest with glass walls. You create extra space, because everything is visually enlarged. It becomes an enlargement of your house, so to speak.

Sliding glass walls

The hard glass panels run on mounted wheels and are equipped with carriers that automatically pull the panels along when closing. The glass panels run on a narrow lower profile, which consists of up to 6 tracks, depending on the number of panels required. You can choose between a sidewall that closes on the left, right or centre.

Depending on the dimensions of the glass panels, they are supplied in 10 mm ESG safety glass.

The aluminum profiles are powder coated. You can choose between two standard colours: cream-white and anthracite.

Extremely compact and strong aluminum profile.
with coloured draught excluder and carriers
10 mm hardened safety glass
Rain and windproof
Aluminium iron rail, 2 cm high
Upper rail with hair

PLEASE NOTE: When requesting a quotation, please mention sizes that are slightly longer than the required size. If you need a different size or can’t figure it out, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions about sliding glass walls

What does a sliding glass wall cost?
The cost of our sliding glass walls may vary per order. The reason for this is as follows: at Valk Veranda we want to offer you a personal service. This service is reflected in the products we offer, which are completely tailored to your wishes and needs. Think of dimensions, color, different sides and mounting options. To find out what your dream sliding wall will cost, you can request a free quote!

How much overlap between sliding glass walls?
This choice, due to the personalization options, is entirely up to you. You can choose to have no overlap by using the full rail. Do you prefer to have overlap? Then this can be calculated as follows: you have an arrangement with four sliding glass walls, so this is four overlaps. You want to shorten these four overlaps by a total of 30 centimeters. The rule of thumb is to count one less pane of glass in your calculation. This will give you an overlap of 30 cm/3 = 10 centimeters per overlap.

How wide are our sliding glass walls?
Our sliding glass walls are made and delivered in 10 mm deep ESG safety glass. This type of glass has a high resistance to breakage, so this glass can take a beating.

What dimensions do sliding glass walls have?
Our sliding glass walls are made-to-order. This means that you determine the dimensions of the sliding wall that you aspire