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    Veranda Quote

    Would you like to request a veranda quote? Then you have come to the right place. Our page will automatically guide you through all the steps of your quote for your own custom veranda! This way you can have your dream veranda put together in 12 simple steps. Your need is to request a conservatory quote, our wish is to help you. Do you want to know what steps await you? Below we list a few things that are important for compiling the quote for your veranda; this will give you a clear picture of what to expect.

    Quotation veranda example

    There are twelve steps you need to go through in order to submit a conservatory quote. On When completing the quotation for a veranda, this example is useful to get an indication of the possibilities. By filling this in, you will know whether your dream veranda is also achievable. Are specific wishes not possible? No problem! Contact us and we will work with you to find solutions to set up a project for you.

    Step 1: size

    In this step of the veranda quote, we ask you to enter the width and the desired depth of your veranda, which you enter in centimeters.

    Step 2: type

    You can choose from two different types of veranda: a fixed or detached veranda. Where a fixed veranda is attached to your house, a detached veranda can be placed in the entire garden.

    Step 3: color

    You can choose from the following two colours: Anthracite RAL7016 and black RAL9005. RAL is a coding system for designating colors and is used throughout Europe. The quotation for your veranda is no exception.

    Step 4: style

    This concerns the style of your gutter and uprights of your veranda. A straight model is flatter and tighter in design. A round model runs more smoothly and naturally.

    Step 5: Roof

    We can provide four types of roof covering for your veranda: polycarbonate Opal, polycarbonate Clear, a glass roof or an opal glass roof.

    Step 6 and 7: Sidewalls

    We have a very extensive choice for your side walls at your veranda. For example, you could go for our popular all-polycarbonate sidewalls to match your polycarbonate roof. In this way, the quote for your veranda will be as personalized as your veranda itself!

    Step 8: Front

    When selecting the front you have two choices: an open front or our highly sought-after sliding glass walls!

    Step 9: LED

    You can choose to have LED lighting installed in the roof of your veranda, so you won’t be left in the dark a single night! Lighting is also ideal for creating the right atmosphere and mood on those nice long summer evenings!

    Step 10: Shades

    Do you live in a place where you have to deal with a lot of bright sunlight? Then sun protection is an absolute must have. You can take the risk of selecting ‘no sun protection’ for the conservatory quote, but we recommend that you think carefully about this valuable addition.

    Step 11: Assembly

    Here you choose in your veranda quote whether or not you want to use our assembly service. Do you opt for ‘without assembly’? Then you can select whether you want to pick up your order or have it delivered.

    Step 12: Send

    In order to be able to request your veranda quote, we must ask for your personal data at the end. Only after this step can we make the quotation.