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    Carport quote

    You are currently taking the last steps before you officially have a carport at your house, congratulations! The last thing you need to do is to have the quote for your carport made. Fortunately, this is very easy via this page. All thirteen steps are already ready for you, you only have to fill in these steps with the necessary information. We do not like surprises and are therefore as clear as possible ourselves. That is why we have listed below an overview of what you can expect in your carport quote!

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    Below we provide a brief summary of all the steps you must go through before your carport quote is complete. It is possible that your specific wish is not listed in our selection menu. Is this the case? Then don’t worry! Please contact us and we will see if there is a solution so that we can still assemble your dream carport! 

    Step 1: size 

    In step 1 you have the choice to write down your desired dimensions. This concerns the desired width and depth of your carport. Please note your desired size in centimeters. 

    Step 2: type 

    The choice in step 2 is between a free-standing carport and a fixed carport. A fixed carport is usually mounted on the facade of your house. A detached carport is intended to be placed in a place that is not directly connected to the house, such as a backyard.

    Step 3: color 

    You can choose between black (RAL9005) and anthracite (RAL7016). This way you can personalize your carport quote even further! 

    Step 4: style 

    You have two options: a round and a straight model. A round model will appear more natural, while a straight model offers a sleek design. 

    Step 5: Roof 

    The choice for your carport roof falls on one of four options, namely: Polycarbonate Opal, Polycarbonate Clear, Glass roof or Opal glass roof. All options fit perfectly with the design that you put together on your carport quote. So you really can’t make a wrong choice. 

    Step 6: LED 

    You can decide not to use LED lighting because it is of course not mandatory. Do you want LED lighting to create more atmosphere in the evening? Then you can choose from a cold white LED, a warm white LED or a warm white LED that you can dim with a remote control. The last option can be completely tailored to your wishes for that evening. 

    Step 7: Front 

    You also have several options for the front. We have two variants of a glass front and we also have an aluminum variant! 

    Step 8 and 9: left and right 

    For the sides, the choice is huge on your carport quote! You have up to 12 different personalization options, guaranteed that there is something that fully meets your needs. Can’t find what you’re looking for and still want to explore other options?Please contact us to see if we can realize something tailor-made for you. 

    Step 10: Back 

    The back can be completely made to your liking. You can choose from an open back, aluminum rebate and sandwich panels. 

    Step 11: Blinds 

    Finally, when compiling your carport, you can opt for sun protection. If you have any doubts about this fine addition: we specialize in awnings! We have an extensive range of awnings with numerous applications! 

    Step 12: Assembly 

    Our specialists are prepared to assemble your carport for you with all the knowledge and skills. Would you rather do this yourself? That is also possible! In the latter case, you can pick up the parts for your carport yourself, but we can also deliver them to you. Whatever you want, we do it! 

    Step 13: Send 

    Enter all relevant information here so that everything from your carport quote ends up in the right place!