Our product range

We have a lot of experience in building and installing various types of canopies. You can find our product range below.


With their sturdy construction and clean lines, our verandas are a feast for the eyes and a showpiece in any garden. The aluminum is powder coated so that the colours of the porch remain beautiful for a long time, season after season.


An aluminum canopy is ideal as a carport. The aluminum carport from Valk Veranda offers protection against the changeable climate of the Netherlands. Of course, it’s a nice feeling knowing that your car, caravan, boat or other items are protected against sleet, snow, rain and bright sunshine.


A Valk Veranda awning provides your terrace with cooling shade, so that even on hot summer days it is pleasant to linger in your garden.

In addition to cooling, our awnings also add a cosy touch to both your home and your garden. The fabric of your porch awning is available in many different colours.

Glass sliding walls

The hard-glass panels run on wheels with bearings. The glass panels run on a narrow lower profile, which consists of up to 6 tracks, depending on the number of panels required. You can choose between a wall that closes on the left, right or centre.

(Aluminum) Sidewalls

You could choose to close the side walls of your veranda. For this, we have various options and variations.

Do you want to install an extra wall or turn your porch into a beautiful garden room?

Explore the many possibilities with us and choose what suits your home best. The aluminum walls are maintenance-free and available in various colours.

Sliding doors & frames

Fresh air in the house isn’t just nice, but is also much needed for our health. If you open the sliding doors, the wind can really blow through. Lovely during summer evenings. Durable, strong, low-maintenance and energy-saving. Available in all imaginable RAL colours. With the aluminum window frames of Valk Veranda, you have effective acoustics and high burglary safety.